Pumping into Cell 4, December 7

Estimated status of the study cells as of December 2, 2011. Units in the legend are inches.

The week that ended November and started December was marked by extremes in water levels in Vermilion Bay and the connected canals, driven by northwesterly wind. The water level in the pond is delayed, but connected, to this rapidly rising and falling tide. The pond level stayed extremely low, but because we were just starting to pump into the deeper water of Cell 4, it did not affect our efficiency.

We had reached the limit of the hose in the canal, so turned the dredge around to start working the canal to the other side of the landing. By the time we run out of hose this time, we should be shortening the hose in the pond and can add those sections along the bank to move the dredge further down.

The next dredge report should be posted soon. Check the calendar for highlighted numbers that mark dredge updates.

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