Dredge (and Rainey) Report Cell 4 Contained

Dredge (and Rainey) Report
Cell 4 Contained

November 10, 2011

Summary of accomplishments:

  • New containment 4b in place; 4c containment has plywood enhancement
  • Dredging into Cell 5; fluid mud at +3 inch ML
  • Total cumulative time dredging in Cell 5 (with spillover to Cell 4 & 3): 71 hours
  • Total dredging time at study cells: 88.5 hours

Impediments: low water level in the canal; high water in the pond; very windy

Birding at Rainey right now is overwhelming. You would need a team of 8 posted to look in each direction, with a pair focusing on counting big birds and little birds separately. 10 minutes in the early morning would yield over 5 thousand birds easy! Robins and warblers were streaming up the canal, ducks and geese in long lines or Vs, wading birds and shorebirds flowing along the canal in big flocks, blackbirds swarming the marsh grass…OMG it is marvelous! Everywhere you look there are birds. Everywhere! I took way too many pictures!!!

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