Moved outfall to Cell 4, November 21, 2011

Estimated status of the study cells with the hose now in Cell 4. Beige = +3″ above marsh level (ML); brown = +0-3 ML; pink = -0-3 ML; purple = sediment plume. Existing containment is indicated by green lines; planned containment is indicated by orange lines.


Timmy and I have put about as much sediment into Cell 5 as possible at this time Рat 3 inches above marsh level, any more runs off into the other cells or into the marsh. It took 2 and a half hours of muddy exertion to move the pontoon that supports the outfall end of the discharge hose from Cell 5 to the southwest portion of Cell 4. Cell 4 is completely contained except for a small part of 4b. That gap and the reed containment at 4a should encourage overflow from Cell 4 into the other cells.

The weekly report will be converted to html and posted soon.

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