Dredge (and Rainey) Report Dredging resumed; Aerial photography, September 30, 2011

Summary of accomplishments:

Dredging into Cell 5 resumed; additional 8.5 hours
Aerial photographs by remote plane acquired of Christian Marsh and Dredge area
Total cumulative time dredging in Cell 5: 53.5 hours
Impediments: front winch (pump up/down) binds and quits; winch battery going bad

The dredge has been out of commission since Tropical Storm Lee on September 3 ripped up our shade tarp and tangled the hose under the dredge. Timmy had taken everything off and pushed the barge to the side of the canal to tie it down. The construction of storage buildings at the headquarters before a major storm arrived took precedence over dredging. By the end of last week, we had finally attached the new canopy, untangled the hose and pulled it from under the dredge, and had all ready to run.

We also have a contract with LSU to use their remote plane for aerial photography, and finally succeeded at coordinating everyone’s schedules. The purpose of this project is to explore the feasibility of geo-referencing the photography as an alternative to standard vertical aerial photography, and/or using it to document species and counts of birds.

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