Dredge (and Rainey) Report, October 26, 2011

Wednesday, October 26 –

No dredging today. We need new cable first and my boss, Dr. Paul Kemp, needed the Avocet, so when the fog lifted, Karen left Timmy fulfilling his Rainey duties and met Paul at Stine’s Hardware at 10am to transfer the boat to his vehicle. I had a list of supplies needed for the dredge, and had to visit Lowes and Voorhies Supply Co just for cable.

Timmy used the day to mow various areas around the property (had to load the mower on the Goose 6 times!) while Karen was gone, so she had to wait to be picked up at the dock. Got back to the camp at 1:30 and re-organized while Timmy finished mowing the canal levee across from the camp. Timmy took a quick break, then we took a boat-run to the weir for a few castnet throws for shrimp, and at 4:00 he brought me to the dredge. He worked to put the new cable on the left traveling winch, Karen put the protective gasket on dredge hose where it scrapes on the pump, and we added hydraulic oil to the pump unit. By 5:00 we had the dredge ready for tomorrow’s effort. On the way back to the camp, we picked up another gar and ate fried shrimp and gar for supper.

The sunset was nice and it was cooling off. Timmy came in and told me to step outside and listen. There was an eerie, surround-sound, resonating humming coming from the sky in all directions. Timmy told me it was mosquitoes. In hoards. About to descend. We retreated quickly inside.

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