8 more hours of dredging

Last week I dredged for 2 days and created two more”deltas” in Cell 5 before technical difficulties shut us down. There will be a 2 week hiatus before more dredging is done.

The LSU remote plane operated by Eddie Weeks came out on Wednesday to take aerial photos of selected Rainey areas.  There were 2 peregrine falcons over the “Goose Pond” that regarded the plane as another raptor and serenely circled with it.

A yellow-headed blackbird was spotted in a flock of redwing blackbirds, a couple of merlins and peregrines (already mentioned), dowitchers, avocets, roseatte spoonbills and blue winged teal were seen in the Goose Pond area, and several terns, peep, bitterns, herons and egrets were using the dredge-created mudflat.

Aerial view of the dredge operation taken on September 28, 2011

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