Dredge (and Rainey) Report, Building Construction, September 22, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eddie Weeks and with his remote controlled plane was scheduled for today, but we discovered the night before that he wasn’t coming. This gave us a whole day we had not expected, to get things done.

Not being able to use the dredge has been frustrating, so in the early morning coolness, we took the flat to the dredge and managed to get the hose untangled. Timmy did the same thing Paul and I had tried the day before – tied the boat to the hose and pulled straight out – and the float under the dredge popped right out. Of course, our efforts the day before probably set it up for him! To make sure it was clear, Karen hung over the bow to wrap the rope around other portions of the hose and we pulled it all out in front. Yay! Next week I can dredge again!!!

Then it was back to construction work, as Timmy and Karen worked all day putting up the sides of the big building. Timmy caulked the windows first, then we struggled with the first piece trying to figure out how to do it all with just two people. I managed to drop my end and bent up a corner, but fortunately it was the corner that needed to be cut out anyway. Each piece was easier to do then the one before, but we were getting tired as well. These all had to be screwed into place, so we both got good at holding tin with whatever part of the body was handy while putting in screws with whichever hand was available.

When the last screw was put into the last piece of tin, we were two very tired, but very happy people. The building isn’t finished, but the outside is done, there are no pieces that will blow or float away in the next storm. Timmy was ecstatic!

Figure 8. One side almost finished(Left). Figure 9. The inside of the 16 x 40 space after being completely closed in(Right).

Figure 10. The happy sanctuary manager enjoying the view from his new workshop/garage building(Left). Figure 11. The builder’s assistant(Right).

Figure 12. It was a peaceful evening.

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