Dredge (and Rainey) Report, Building Construction, September 21, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Help was expected today, so Timmy was out at the big building early to frame up windows and the door. Over the weekend, he had finished installing the framing trusses and the crew from the Broussard Brothers had lifted the 40ft lengths of roofing tin to the top of the building. The framing had to be done before the tin is installed.

Figure 4. Sunrise through the building frame(Left). Figure 5. Timmy framing a window(Right).

At 8:30, Karen left Timmy working and took the Avocet in to the public dock to pick up Paul Kemp and Ahmet Binselam of NAS and Alexis from the Ocean Conservancy. They were running late because of construction on I10, so I walked to Maxie Pierce’s grocery at the boat landing to pick up a few things (lots of insect repellant and lunch).

With a nice day for a ride across the bay, we made it back to the Rainey headquarters around 10:30. Timmy was still working on the framing, so Paul, Alexis and Karen went to the dredge to try to untangle the hose. We visited the test site first, then boarded the dredge. We hooked up all of the batteries, released the storm ropes, and cranked up the dredge motor to raise both spuds. Then Karen used the Avocet to pull the dredge backwards and away from the bank. With the side-to-side anchors still attached, it couldn’t be moved very far, so we dropped one spud. With Alexis still on the dredge, Paul got in the boat and tied the bowline to the hose. We tried to pull the hose out from under the dredge in a variety of ways, but the floats were jammed underneath and would not come out. Not wanting to hold up work on the building, we left it to go back to the camp, hoping we could resume the effort later.

With Ahmet’s help, Timmy had finished framing the door and windows. With Timmy on a ladder inside the building, Karen on a ladder, and Ahmet’s tall reach, we wrestled the first piece of tin to the peak and Timmy nailed a couple of nails to hold it in place. Then with Timmy and Karen on the roof and the others up and down with supplies, we proceeded to weatherstrip and then nail each roof piece to the big building.

Figure 6. Ahmet and Alexis moving roof sections(Left). Figure 7. View from the new roof(Right).

As Timmy and I were working on the last full sheet, Paul took Alexis and Ahmet down to the Goose Pond in the Avocet. The last section of roof on each side was a half sheet, so Karen continued nailing while Timmy got down to rip the 40 ft long tin with a skill saw. We managed to get the half sheets up on the roof without help. By the time the crew returned, we were working to get the last piece in place. Then Karen left Timmy to finish up, took the crew back to the dock and fueled up the Avocet.

By the time she returned at 5:30, Timmy had finished the roof, cleaned up and was recuperating inside. Karen immediately rehydrated, and then remembered the dredge was not secured. So while she took a long soak in a hot tub, Timmy went back to do what was needed. There was no energy left to make dinner, so sandwiches had to do.

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