Dredge (and Rainey) Report, Building Construction, September 15, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Before the sun rose, Timmy left to be at the dock for 7am to pick up a group of people that had volunteered to help with the big building. While he was gone, I packed up all of the tools, ropes and items we had used on the pump house so they could be moved to the other side of the house where the big building would be constructed.

Judge Duplantier and 3 other men (Chuck, Jake and Zach) arrived ready to get started. Under Timmy’s direction, they attacked the big stack of building parts and soon had screws and nails flying off. We ran into only one wasp nest this time and no rats. With six people working, the disassembly went smoothly and parts were moved around with little trouble. Instead of having to pull them around with the ATV, we carried the parts into place, and only the number of hammers and drills slowed the work down.

We had constructed the foundation a couple of weeks ago, so the 4 floor sections were hauled into place, pulled together and bolted tightly. The plywood floor was installed quickly, and the two wall sections were hoisted into place. Half of the wall/rafter frames were put into place before the crew had to leave.

The day started with just a foundation and a stack of parts.

A crew of six made the work go faster and easier.

The pump house is to the north of the house(Left). The workshop/garage is to the south of the house(Right).

The interior of the pump house still needs to be finished, including the door, insulation, electrical wiring, lights, ceiling and paneling. It will be a climate controlled space.  More supports for the floor need to be added around the perimeter. Then the water pump for the camp can be moved inside.

For the big building, the building needs to be secured to the foundation, the rest of the frames need to be put up, all of the tin siding has to be attached, doors and windows added, electrical wiring and lights installed, and supports for the floor perimeter need to be added. Anyone who wants to visit Rainey for the next few weeks will be put to work!


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