Dredge (and Rainey) Report, September 07, 2011

Wednesday, September  7, 2011

Karen met Timmy at Stine’s in Abbeville at 7:30 to pick up more cement and 2x10s for second building (shop). Back at the Rainey headquarters, we finished setting posts for the second building, then installed the 2X10 joists.

Gator season opened this morning, so traffic on the canal was more frequent than usual. Sherril Sagrero, his son and a friend stopped by with their catch of the day to chat for a while and give us a break.

We stopped for the day at 4, secured all tools, caught our breath, and then left to catch our fast food for the tonight’s supper. It looked promising to see large numbers of egrets at the weir Timmy chose to shop for shrimp, but each cast net delivered mostly menhaden and other juvenile fish with only a small number of shrimp. But persistence added up to enough shrimp for the two of us.

Sagrero’s with today’s catch on the bow(Left). Egrets at the weir(Right).

Timmy casting for shrimp(Left). One castful of menhaden, mullet and gafftop catfish(Right).

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