Dredge (and Rainey) Report, August 25, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

We woke up to low water again, so there was no reason to dredge. Until we get more containment put in, any material moved right now would just channel out of the cell or out of existing containment.

Thus, this day would be devoted to the foundation for the new storage building. The building “kit” had been delivered sometime this past winter and Timmy had not had time or help to get it assembled yet.

So, at 7:30 we took the Blue Goose to the dock at Intracoastal City, took Timmy’s truck to Stine’s in Abbeville to pick up 800 pounds of cement and lumber for Timmy’s storage shed. Twenty 40# bags of cement and ten 16ft long 2x10s had to be loaded into the truck, then from the truck to the boat, and from the boat to the camp. Who needs a gym?

We finished putting concrete in the post holes around the huge posts Timmy had set earlier this year by himself. Then we started marking and leveling starting at one end. Timmy used a chainsaw to cut each post to the appropriate height, and to notch each post on both sides to hold the cross braces.  Karen helped carry boards, level, mark, pulled the rope to make the post fall the appropriate direction, shooed horseflies, and kept ice in the coolers. We set up a beach umbrella at each post until the clouds moved in for the afternoon. We worked all day and got 3/5 done. I could barely see straight.

The site of the storage building at the beginning of the day with one of ten boards in place(Left). Timmy starting to cut a post with the safety rope in place(Right).

Notching the post to hold the crossbeam(Left). Almost done for the day(Right).

After putting away all the equipment, at 5:00 we took a boat ride down the canal. Timmy dropped me at the dredge while he ran out to pick up a hooked gar. He returned to help me finish flushing, cleaning and securing everything since it was obvious we won’t be back next week.

After boiled crabs and roast gar for supper (and lots of cold water), we fell into our beds very early.



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