Dredge (and Rainey) Report, August 18, 2011

Dredge (and Rainey) Report
Cell 4

August 18, 2011


Summary of accomplishments:

  • Filled Cell 4 to 6” below marsh level
  • Put bimini on new boat
  • TNC OysterBreak site visit
  • Tour for foreign businessman
  • Cumulative dredge time directly into Cell 5 is 45 hours; into Cell #4 is 15.5 hours
  • Total cumulative dredge time is 60 hours

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I left Abbeville to meet Timmy at the marina at 7:15 with boudin breakfast. Today we were scheduled to meet with The Nature Conservancy for a site visit at the Southwest Pass OysterBreak project. We loaded up the new boat for the 25 mile trip to the Pass. We got there early, so did a bit of bird watching and photography. Immature pelicans were practicing their fishing skills. When TNC arrived, the water level was too low for the big boat they brought, so they all came on our new boat to be ferried across to the Phase I & II structures inside the SW Pass Bay.

TNC boat was too big for shallow water so the crew came onboard our new boat to access the structures.

We then all reboarded the larger boat for the trip around the point to the proposed Phase III site on the north shore and near Indian Point. We discussed placement and looked at the shoreline. We then parted ways as they headed back to Cypremort Pt and we headed back to the Rainey headquarters.

There are warning signs at each structure(Left). Discussion onboard the TNC boat(Right).

We came back through Vermilion Bay and north of Redfish Point to the McIlhenny Canal. As we cruised down the canal, a mullet jumped out of the water, which isn’t too unusual, but it was followed out of the water by a very large alligator gar. I’ve seen the large gar roll in the water and flip water with their fins, but I have never seen one actually jump out of the water!

It was too hot to dredge and we still could not access the shore with low water, so we painted the 4ft squares that we built last week to be used for aerial photography by LSU remote planes.

That evening, a storm system moved through. Sheet lightening put on a fantastic sky show, and then the clouds rolled over with high winds that blew things off the deck and across the yard. It was followed by a good soaking rain which was greatly appreciated.

Evening light show.


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