Dredge Report, July 28

Thursday, July 28

Timmy had been waiting for several months for the boatyard to have time to work on our big boat, and was finally notified that now was the time. Karen in the flat boat followed Timmy in the Blue Goose to the dock, where the Goose was loaded on a trailer and towed to the boatyard in Abbeville. It had been two years since anything had been done to the bottom of the boat and it was encrusted with barnacles and other epiphytes. A few other repairs and modifications were scheduled to be done as well. Hopefully, it will be finished in a week or two.

Leaving camp at 6:30(Left). Loading the Goose on the trailer(Righ).

Securing the Goose for the trip(left). Barnacles on the bottom were one of the reasons the Goose needed work(Right).

We also stopped by the Sportsman to look at our new boat scheduled for pick up next week.

Our new boat waiting for pick up.

On the way back to Rainey, Timmy got a call about crewboats that were working in the area but not following the rules to keep their wakes from tearing up the canal. So we had to detour down a maze of canals to check on them. Then raced the rain back to headquarters and had to chase a gator out of the front yard.

Racing the rain up the canal(Left). Gator trying to take up residence in the front yard(Right).

Rain threatened, but again slid around us. We cranked up the dredge at 3:00 and pumped for about 2.5 hours. Rain again closed around us for the evening.

Evening reflections.


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