Dredge (and Rainey) Report

Dredge (and Rainey) Report
Cell 5 with new pontoon


Summary of accomplishments:

  • Blue Goose pulled out and taken to boatyard
  • Discharge floats replaced with wood pontoon, moved back near delta #1
  • Cumulative dredge time 40.5 hours

Friday, July 29

Dawn rain.

Woke up to rain. No dredging today. Tropical storm heading into Texas with spin-off showers along the southwest coast of Louisiana. We had left the dredge pump primed and in the water anticipating an early start, but no dice. The tide was up higher than usual as well, so all fill material would be submerged and no end-of-week pictures could be taken to show progress made. Timmy will have to finish cleaning the dredge when it quits raining long enough.

Since we couldn’t dredge, I assisted while Timmy put new anodes on the flat boat under the boat shed with showers all around us. I was starting to worry I wouldn’t make it home for the weekend.  During some rather thick showers, a pair of Fish & Wildlife agents stopped by to chat for an hour or so. And then the sky cleared just enough to get me to the dock at noon.

Cumulative dredge time (mostly into Cell #5) is 40.5 hours.

Karen A Westphal, National Audubon Society Louisiana Coastal Initiative
6160 Perkins Road, Suite 215, Baton Rouge, LA 70808
225-768-0921 office, kwestphal@audubon.org

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