Dredge (and Rainey) Report, July 22, 2011, Outer Containment

July 22, 2011


Summary of accomplishments:

  • Outer containment for experimental site complete
  • Visited Oysterbreak at SW Pass
  • Test Site revisited – new vegetation

The plan:
Before the addition of any more fill, the discharge float needs to be re-assembled and moved, and the whole site needs to be contained so that fill material is not wasted since some of it will always move through the reed barriers. Moving the discharge means at least one of us will get very muddy, so the decision was to put that off until the outer containment is complete and dredging is ready to start again. Bundling cane takes time, and the containment for this line was measured at 178 feet, so we decided to try a plywood barrier.

Summer pop-up rain becomes an impediment to any outdoor activity in coastal Louisiana, and the policy at the camp is to get off the water if there is any lightening in the area. Watching radar and working around rain showers becomes an art.


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