Dredge Report, July 14, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The morning dawned promising more rain, so we headed out early again to cut cane instead of trying to get the dredge going. We were already surrounded by impending storms and didn’t think it would be worth getting the dredge underway if we had to cut and run at any moment. With Timmy’s help, bundles were made almost twice as fast, and we cleared a larger landing area that will be more convenient for work in the area.

Lightening started around 10:00 and was coming up fast from the south, so we headed back to safety. Rain did not let up for the rest of the day and dredging will resume again next week.

Cumulative dredging into Cell #5 is 38 hours.


This figure shows the layout of the experimental cells. North is to the top. Planned containment is indicated by orange lines and labels, and completed containment is shown in green. Cell 5 is being filled with yellow crescents indicating the former positions of the discharge.

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