April Already?

Here it is April and I’m still trying to catch up for all of the months our blog site has had technical problems. The host server decided to cease cooperation and it has been a long haul to identify the problem and get the blog moved over to a new server.

If you check, you will find that I have been adding posts for last fall.

Our winter in southwest Louisiana has been rough, with lower than normal low tides and lower than normal temperatures. No dredging has been attempted since last fall and we have slowly been addressing various maintenance issues to be ready when conditions improve and when we identify our next project. The frame for the waterpump that runs the jet-ring on the pump finally disintegrated into rust, so we have designed a new one that will be constructed from aluminum. The canopy popped loose with repeated high winds and several of the ribs were broken and lost, but has been repaired. A new winch was installed for one of the side-to-side controls, and a busted hydraulic hose was replaced.

In the meantime, I posted bird-related and Sanctuary activities, and kept watch over our ground-nesting Great Horned Owls. They successfully raised one owlet, “PJ”, and it is very well hidden in the bushes on the grounds of the headquarters as it continues to improve its flight ability. I helped with prescribed burns, winter shorebird counts, owl-nest cam, continued work in the apartment, setting property boundary signs, and other activities. The marsh grass in the restoration site has continued to flourish in spite of inclement weather. Although the emergent parts are dormant, the underground parts have been exhibiting an impressive amount of tillering from both the 3-square and marshhay.  Those posts will be added as I slowly catch up.


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