Dredge Report, June 15, 2011

Thursday, June 15

Flock of ibis crossing at dawn

Early morning starts are a necessity in the Rainey summer.

We were onsite at 7 am.  We had “walked” the dredge back a good bit by this time with roughly 10 hours of total pumping into cell 5, so it was time to repositioned anchors and dredge. This was done relatively quickly, and pumping began by 7:30.

Timmy dredged while Karen went ashore to cut and bundle cane. Early morning “cool” and shadows with a breeze made this activity quite pleasant. Several bundles were made and a trail was started that may make a good location for our sanitary facility that will be required when full-time dredging starts in July.

Around 9am, the winch that raises and lowers the pump started hanging up. It wouldn’t allow movement other than an inch at a time, and Timmy managed to get the pump back on deck before the winch stopped altogether. Timmy exchanged the battery, but it still wouldn’t work. Karen texted the problem to John Cross, who transferred the info to Les Cross at Javeler. He suggested we bring the winch in to see about a replacement. This particular winch keeps the pump upright as well as raising and lowering it, so before we could remove the winch, we had to secure the pump in place with 2 side straps and an overhead strap to keep it from falling over. We managed to get the winch disconnected and ready to transport with only a little aggravation.

Timmy had a meeting to go to that afternoon anyway, so we worked a bit more on bundling cane. Back to the camp for cleanup, and then off to town we went. While Timmy attended his meeting, Karen took the winch to meet Les Cross at Javeler. Les took Karen to Grainger’s which is where the original winch was obtained, and they looked up the original purchase by Javeler. The winch was out of warranty, but because of the good relationship Javeler (and Les) has with the people at Grainger’s, they decided to call it a warranty issue anyway, and a new $600 winch was ordered for no charge! Karen was elated and hopes she sufficiently expressed her gratitude. We try hard to be self sufficient, but good relations and connections are necessary, greatly appreciated and never taken for granted! Thanks again Les!

Since Timmy was still at his meeting, Karen went to Walmart to stay cool and purchased a battery fan and a small tarp to use for low angle sun shade. It gets hot on the dredge. We had planned to eat supper in town after Timmy’s meeting, but instead had to head back immediately because a group that was bidding on the Christian marsh project were in an airboat with no clue where to go.

We attributed the day’s craziness to the full moon…

Full moon

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