Dredge Report, June 09, 2011

Thursday, June 9

Dawn this morning was enjoyed as we arrived at the dredge site around 6:30. Timmy brought bundles to load the canoe, and Karen took them over to put them in place and tie them down. A double layer of bundles brought the containment just above the marsh level mark on the posts. More can be added later. Containment 5a and 5b for Cell 5 was completed by 7:30am. (see last figure).

Sunrise over the pond

Finishing containment for Cell 5 (Left). Containment 5b with outflow in background (Right).

Timmy then pushed the dredge even with the boardwalk using the flat, got the two side anchors settled and ready, and we then primed the pump by 8:00. One of the new hoses, a collapsible floating hose, was twisted so it took some time to unkink it. Official start of dredging at the Experimental Site was 8:15 am.

Start of the dredge is just off the landing (Left). Looking down boardwalk from dredge(Right).

We were able to pump for an hour before the thunder started and lightening chased us back to camp. We went out again right after it cleared at lunch and pumped for almost an hour before chased to the camp again. The hoses next to the dredge kept getting in the way, so Timmy pulled them around and tied the slack out of the way. We started having problems with starting the water pump and determined that the battery was going bad.

The next session resulted in a clogged pump. Karen pulled it up and pulled sticks and large clams out of the intake. Priming was an issue then, and we had to wrestle the hose off the pump to flush it well and prime it without the dredge hose attached. We determined that the line of banana lilies would be the limit of dredging close to the bank since that seems to be where the clams are concentrated.

The good news is that the mud at this site appears to be very high quality with a lot more silt than the test site.

Timmy pulling hose(Left). Thunderhead on the rise(Right).

We managed to pump for another hour with random clogging, and finally flushed everything and shut it down for the day at 5:45. Took the canoe out into the pond to view results and take end of the day pictures. Total pumping for the day was not quite 3 hours. There was some flow leaking through containment as expected after the allday effort, but most appeared to be settling near the discharge float.

We were back at the camp at 6:30pm. Long day (12 hours).

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