Dredge Report, June 3, 2011

Summary of accomplishments:

  • Dredge and all hose have been moved from the Test Area to the Experimental Area.
  • Hose has been partially assembled
  • Containment has been started for cell 5.

Friday, June 3, 2011

During the previous week, LSU completed their setup and pre-measurements in the experimental cells. They installed a benchmark and numerous marker poles and settling disks; and put marker poles where containment is needed. The test site fulfilled its purpose as training area, and will now be informally monitored for performance.
Another bright morning promised later heat, so Timmy had the lawn mower going before I had breakfast. Timmy needed to go to town to get his phone fixed, so planned an early day.
We headed over to the dredge, pulled up the spuds, and Timmy pulled it to the new area with the flat. Unfortunately, when lowering the spuds to anchor the dredge in place, one of them proved to be jammed in the full upright position. The connection of the cable to the spud had jammed in the cable channel. Drat.
Back to the camp for tools and supplies, then back to the dredge to overcome this latest challenge. We hooked up a come-along between a strap on the spud and the over head beam, took the tension off the cable, and Timmy managed to get it unjammed. While Timmy made sure the connection didn’t jam again, Karen worked the come-along to lower the spud one increment at a time. Once it was free, we marked the spud to make sure it would never be raised high enough to jam again.
With this task completed successfully, the morning was still young, so Karen again took the canoe into the pond. This time it was to put in the reeds for the second containment. Since the dredge pipe was still not fully assembled or in place, she had to leave one end open for boat passage. Two canoe trips and five bundles were laid, compressed and tied down. Our estimate is that two more bundles will close the gap, but another layer may be needed to raise the containment higher.

The first cell (#5) is close to being contained. Next week, after the LSU crew finishes pulling hose and we get the pump hooked up, it won’t take but an hour to finish the containment and start pumping. Karen will be working on the containment for the next cell while the other preparations are going on.
The figure on the next page shows the layout of the experimental cells. Cell 5 will be the first cell to be filled. Containment at 5a is complete, 5b is near completion, and the 4s will be next.

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