New Year Rain

I made it out to the Rainey Sanctuary and the dredge site for one day this year (see report for Jan 7), before the Louisiana monsoons began. The water level in the pond was down so low that most of the greater pond was dry, and needless to say, we could not dredge.

The rains began the very next morning, and haven’t stopped for more than a few hours for 5 days. In fact, Timmy reports 13.5 inches of rain fell at the headquarters this week, 12 inches of it in two days! The wind has been from the south, keeping water levels from dropping, so the marsh is covered with high water. Unfortunately, by the time the rain is predicted to end next week, the wind will once again shift to the north, more than likely lowering water levels again below the dredging threshold. We are so close to finishing Cell 3, and yet just cannot cross the finish line!

The fresh rain water is welcome, Mother Nature taking care of her own by flushing salt from the marsh and sediment. The entire landscape should benefit. It helps me practice the virtue of patience…

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