Dredge Report, June 1, 2011

Dredge Report

Wednesday, June 1

7:30 Timmy picked Karen up at the public dock, unloaded personal gear at camp and reloaded flat. While we waited for the LSU people to arrive, Timmy had to open up trail for the next day’s CWPPRA visit to Cole’s Bayou restoration area. Timmy’s weed eater and Karen’s cane knife made quick work of it.

When we got to the dredge, we discovered a colony of grackles had made 4 nests on it – three were up in the overhead winches and had to be removed. The fourth was next to a forward winch and had 4 blue eggs in it. I had been fighting them for over 2 weeks, removing nests whenever I found them.

We pulled the free end of the hose attached to the pump around the side of the dredge and tied it off; disconnected mooring anchor lines; pulled up spuds; Timmy pushed the dredge with the flat over to the bank; reset spuds so we could use dredge as a dock and get the water hose to reach shore. Started disconnecting the hard pipe at the test site, and pulled each one against the shore so that they could be flushed out using the waterpump. One of them was so solidly packed with mud that it looked like a sediment core sample.

Around 10:30 John Cross and a graduate student, Chad Judy, from LSU arrived. They were delayed enroute by a flat tire on boat trailer. With their help, the rest of the hose and the spreader was pulled from out of the test site.

Timmy and Karen went back to the camp to eat lunch and get the “Goose” while John and Chad unloaded their boat at the Experimental site. We then loaded the pipe onto the “Goose” and moved it all to the new area.

The four of us began to reassemble the dredge pipe across the spoil bank, along the new boardwalk and into the pond. Timmy and Karen assembled sections on the boardwalk in the shade of a beach umbrella and slide them off for John and Chad to pull across the pond with the canoe. By this time, it was getting late and very hot, and John needed time to get his trailer tire fixed. So we left the final assembly for next week.

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