Winter = low low water

I’ve just returned from a day and a half at the dredge site. The hurricane in the east, the frontal passage with winds from the north, and a full moon combined to produce some extremely low tides that almost completely drained our work site. Although I could not dredge, it was still a good time to be there. The substrate was exposed throughout our work area, which not only let sediment consolidate, but allowed us to see what we’ve accomplished.

I was pleasantly surprised (quite ecstatic actually) to see that we have much more material in Cell 3 than I thought. There was only one channel meandering across the north end that was deeper than 3 inches below marsh level, with most of it only an inch or so below. We are much closer to being full than I thought. (!!)

The other opportunity that low water provided, was that the marsh was fairly dry to walk through, and the cool weather made it less likely I would run into snakes. I took a walk completely around Cell 5 to map out the extent of new marsh that has developed since January. It was impressive (see figure below). I was also able to walk across the throats of what was left of the east and northeast finger lakes without sinking into the muck. I think this marsh will be here for quite a while!!  (full report will follow soon)

The new hose corridor is indicated by the dashed blue line. Containment is indicated by grey lines, planned containment is orange, walkways are yellow, new vegetation is bright green, white dots are PVC poles used as markers.


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