Dredge on pause

There was no dredging the week of September 17-21, and I didn’t make it out to the Sanctuary at all. The weather has finally made the turn to the best Louisiana has to offer with cool evenings and mild days with lower humidity.  The wind has been from the north keeping our water levels depressed, which helps consolidate the fill material and encourages plant growth. The marsh grass is in full inflourescence (flowering) now and the landscape is gold and green to the horizon.

Teal season started September 15th on neighboring properties and I am told that the number of teal in southwest Louisiana is on the high side, with hurricane effects to our east and drought to the west. Shorebirds have been on the move, with flocks moving back and forth as the new birds learn the routine. Roseatte spoonbills are returning from their breeding grounds and various other birds have been seen for a day or two as they move along establishing winter territories. Hummingbirds are congregating at feeders and strengthening for migration by intense aerial wrestling matches. Its fall!

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  1. Joe Baustian says:

    Hi Karen and Timmy, I have been reading up on the dredging progress, and I can’t wait to come see it in person. It looks like you have moved a lot of mud. Glad to see Isaac didn’t impact the refuge.


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