Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac made a visit to Louisiana last week, and fortunately, the Paul J Rainey Wildlife Sanctuary was not significantly affected. The track of the storm put the refuge on the least affected side, and the predominantly north winds pushed the water out instead of in as we had feared. We had low, low water instead of a high water storm surge. This protected structures, but dramatically changed the salinity in our canals as it drained all of the fresh (3 ppm) water out and replaced it with salt water (17 ppm) when it came back in.

A crew (Timmy Vincent, Karen Westphal, Paul Kemp, and Erik Johnson) went out on the Monday preceding the storm to evacuate important items from the Sanctuary headquarters and to move the boats and dredge to a more protected location. The only damaged sustained by the dredge was that one of the canopy support cables popped loose. Over the weekend, all of the items were returned to the headquarters, and the dredge will be moved back into operation later this week.

The blog was offline because power at the office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana cut off during the storm long enough for the server to shut down. All is well at the office. We do hope everyone affected by the storm is back to normal soon.

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