Week ending June 8, 2012

Dredge (and Rainey) Report
Start Cell 3

June 8, 2012


Summary of accomplishments:
        Containment in place for 3a and 3b
        Started pumping directly into Cell 3; Total time in Cell 3 = 3 hours
Impediments: low low water level; weather


During the previous week (May 30-June 1), I came out to help with various tasks around the Sanctuary. On Thursday, I spent a few hours at the dredge site by myself while Timmy was otherwise occupied. I managed to move the hose sections we had hauled out of the completed Cell 4, and rearranged the hose configuration on the dredge side of the levee. I moved the hose from the airboat landing to the next landing about 50 feet to the east, and added a flex hose to give us plenty of room to dredge for a while. I also pulled the hose up along the walkway in the pond to help it dewater in preparation for moving it to Cell 1.

During multiple discussions with LSU, we decided later to complete Cell 3 first, just in case we could finish in time for them to use it as well. We had originally planned to fill Cell 1 as a more efficient mud management plan, but that would have meant that filling the rest of the cells would continue to affect Cell 1. By filling Cell 3, we can continue filling the rest of the contained area with little effect on their research and additionally help stabilize the existing cells and insure their sustainability.

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