Week ending May 25, 2012 – LSU review of site

Dredge (and Rainey) Report
LSU review of site

May 25, 2012

Summary of accomplishments:

  • Cell 4 full – settled to +1 throughout and covered with mudcracks
  • Total time pumped directly into Cell 4 (0.352 acres) = 72 hours
  • Total time in study cells = 146.5 hours

Impediments: marshbird survey this week; no dredging


Last week, Timmy was occupied with grass planting on the terraces in Christian Marsh. The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana organized volunteers and brought out somewhere around 44,000 plants, with activity every day Monday thru Saturday. Timmy helped them hauled 30,000 just on Wednesday, with 8,000 plants brought by Mark Shirley with LSU Cooperative Service, 5,000 plants with NRCS and another 1000 plants brought by LSU Department of Agriculture. I did not get to dredge.

This week, Erik Johnson came out for the marsh bird survey which kept me busy dawn and dusk for Tuesday thru Thursday. Thursday, LSU came out to review the dredge site and unload materials to build walkways in preparation for scientific monitoring. No dredging this week either.

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