Week ending May 11, 2012 – Cell 4 Full

Dredge (and Rainey) Report

Cell 4 full

May 11, 2012

Summary of accomplishments:

  • Replaced cable on the starboard spud with stainless steel
  • Cell 4 full -> +3 to +1 throughout
  • Pulled hose and pontoon from Cell 4
  • Total time pumped directly into Cell 4 (.352 acres) = 72 hours
  • Total time in study cells = 146.5 hours

Impediments: low water in pond; mud everywhere

Last week, we entertained the Blue Moon Fund as part of their Louisiana tour. When I went to set the dredge up for the show-and-tell, the rusty cable on the starboard spud broke. During the second tour, Frogco brought one of their big marsh buggy excavators (60 ft reach) out from the Cole’s Bayou terracing project past the dredge, and broke the starboard anchor line. We decided to start trading all of our galvanized cable out for stainless steel. [Note from Timmy: Cole’s Bayou was named for a black cowboy who drowned crossing a herd of cattle going to market. The area now occupied by Intracoastal City was part of a ridge that would take them all the way to the Spanish Trail (Hwy 90)].

Figure 1. The Frogco terrace-building, marsh buggy excavator passing by the small dredge. This really makes the dredge look small!

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